Nissi Staffing Solutions brings to the market a new brighter and innovative recruitment, head hunting, screening, training and placing of the best-fit candidate that stands us out of the crowd of the other known and similar service provider which is why Nissi Staffing Solution is branded as the first of its kind that brings the beginning of the new brighter day to our clients and the economy of South Africa as a whole.
Metric (Grade 12) - preferred.
Valid Driver’s License, relevant to the vehicle operated.
Valid PrDP, stating the category level.
A Valid work Permit for Foreigners.
A Traffic Registration Certificate for Foreign drivers.
Contactable written references with minimum of 3 years physical driving experience.
Contactable telephone numbers.
Bank account.
Age; Below 55 years of age.
Medical fitness questionare.
Metric (Grade 12).
Contactable References within the past 3 years.
Contactable telephone number.
Bank Account.
Age, below the age of 40.
Provides an effective solution to an increased seasonal headcount.
Low impact on the rest of the workforce.
Solves the problem with absenteeism at the work place.
Allows the client to be highly selective on the individuals supplied.
Highly flexible as the client can order or cancel orders daily.
Allows focused management in more critical functions of the organization.
Costs are easier to control.
The client is contracted out of the LRA and other new legislation.
The obligations and expectations of both parties are clearly defined.
The client has legal recourse to non-performance to the Service provider.
The labour force remains the employees of Nissi Staffing Solutions and the service provider handles all IRE and HR responsibilities. Wage administration and statutory commitments are adhered to by the service provider.
The client only deals with one party, the service provider and not with any unions or compensatory.


STEP ONE – Initial interview: (Quality identification).
Should the Applicant go through the initial interview he/she will be required to go through the to the next step
STEP TWO (Driver application test)                                                  
The entry test is designed in such a manner that Nissi Staffing Solutions tests or addresses four major areas, which we have found vital to the industry:
  • Essay
  • Comprehension Test
  • Mathematics
  • Area knowledge
STEP THREE (Quality Assesment).                                                    
This is the crucial part of the recruitment exercise whereby the attitude of the applicant is put to test to determine his worth at a workplace. The applicant should be proven as understanding the entire workplace culture.
STEP FOUR- (Worker Information).                                                 
Various information is noted down on a master copy sheet and later recorded onto Nissi Staffing Solutions’s database. This applicant information should be verified to avoid letting in     criminals into the system. (Proof of residential address is required in this regard)
STEP FIVE (Refference Checks).                                
This check verifies the applicant references telephonically and it is conducted and confirmed by the operations manager. Only landline contact details are considered for reference checks.
STEP SIX (Confidentiality Form and Criminal Checks).                    
A criminal check provides us with vital personal information, which helps us to avoid potential criminal intentions within Nissi Staffing Solutions’s work force. By signing the confidentiality document, the prospective employee grants Nissi Staffing Solutions the permission to conduct background checks and any criminal involvement on him or her.
STEP SEVEN (Practical Evaluation and Eye Tests).                        
It is compulsory for all applicants to go through this process ultimately, to verify the applicant’s ability to perform the functions of the job applied for. It is done practically with accuracy of K53 rules and procedures. 
Once a potential employee has satisfied the initial screening and testing requirements, the last phase of actual employment can be  summarized as follows:
STEP EIGHT – (Employment contract).                                         
This agreement clearly defines the nature of the relationship entered into. The obligations and responsibilities of both, the worker and Nissi Staffing Solutions, as well as category, rate of pay, benefits, NBC jurisdiction and legal standards of this country.
STEP NINE (Job description).                                                      
The applicant agrees to the level of the job function applied for and to the requirements specified.
STEP TEN (Workplace Rules).                                                                                                                                                                                            
The applicant reads and understands his profit logic workplace rules. He signs acknowledgment of this document                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
STEP ELEVEN (Induction).                                                                                                                                                                                                
The final phase of employment is an induction lecture. The applicant gets informed about the company’s main functions and purpose. Time is taken to explain to the applicant documents and procedures like pay slips, uniforms, accident and stock loss procedures, etc.  
STEP TWELVE (Medical test (optional and on client request).                                                                                                                              
Should it be required for applicants to undergo medical examination, a medical practitioner within the area of operation is designated to conduct such examination as per the basic guidelines. Medical certificates are issued and kept on the workers file.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
STEP THIRTEEN (Company number).                                                                                   
This is the last step in our recruitment when the employee gets allocated the company number relevant to his job description as per the screening done. The worker is now a temporary employee of Nissi Staffing Solutions and he/she meets the standards required. 
In the attempt to provide quality workforce to our clients, Nissi Staffing Solutions have undertaken to send certain drivers and other categories through the following test evaluations before placing them to the prospective clients:
Psychometric evaluation: This test is mainly meant to test driver’s abilities. An evaluation is given on concentration, reaction abilities, hand coordination, estimation abilities, detection abilities, general reasoning abilities and observation. As a result, development areas are determined and a final recommendation is drawn up. This test is done by registered psychometrics.
Medical Questionaire: This test determines, whether the candidate is fit for the job, e.g on drinking habits, hearing problems, eye sight etc.