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Welcome to Nissi Staffing


Nissi Staffing Solutions (PTY) Ltd is a service driven establishment that aims at bringing well experienced innovative solutions to this highly competitive industry, it is business put together by experts and highly experienced members of the industry itself. The founders have shaped the business to duly fit all the client staffing needs ranging from small, medium to large operations of all logistical types.
The company brings in intensive and innovative recruitment, screening, training and placing of the best fit candidate that stand us out of the crowd of the other known and similar service providers.
We pride ourselves for being the first staffing solution provider of the 21st century that listens to its clients and practically endeavor to shape and reduce itself to meet the best fit of the client’s requirements.
Summarily our main activity is to lend an attentively listening ear and render a number of helping hands so you can concentrate on running your business with lighter hands.
VISION: To be the industries market leader in providing a world class solutions to our clients staffing needs and to continually provide an innovative, efficient, effective and dedicated service without limits.
CULTURE: To provide most reliable support structure to our clients and to ensure the stability of your business from time to time, to go an extra mile in keeping you afloat of your staffing daily planning, administration and staff problem solving, to give you peace of mind knowing that the required amount of staff will be supplied to you in good quality, on requested categories and on time as expected.